Noel Marres Ascot
Noel Marres Ascot
Character information
Gender Female
Hobbies Knights, Herbs cultivation, Cafe Tour eating sandwiches, spending time with her sister
Background information
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Noel Marres Ascot is a heroine of Walkure Romanze: Shōjo Kishi Monogatari.


  • * * Birthday: September 15
  • Jost of technology rank: B rank
  • Hobbies:


Knight Department majoring in Winford school sophomore. In the eldest daughter of a prominent family "Ascot Marquis house", it is famous as a large aristocracy arranged in Su~iria, it is liked around the nature that is in contact with the bright and friendly. She has a mischievous side as she has a habit of fondling her friends such as Mio (rare Akane and Fiona) is often sacrificed. In addition, because also in social circles and has been in contact since childhood, sometimes it shows the behavior as a lady. Although not worked conspicuous in last year's tournament, it has a power of about catch up to advanced level, and aim to win in this tournament also for sister Mireille.

It is the first one that asked that she wanted Takahiro to becom her squire. As a result, even with all complete victory or the final round of the semi-finals in qualifying Lisa are overwhelming victory to such as, by that you have to base the Takahiro show a success, such as to exert its strength. Basic and faithful to the application, but wasted no attack and defense, and sometimes I make the struggle how to be a bold bet argument.

Armor favorite is, solid ARMATURA company made in 2007. In frugal design of combat-oriented, what Noel has custom helm. GOTHIC ARMOR type / material of steel, titanium, brass, carbon / weight 10.6kg / manufacturing countries are Italy, Venice. The name of the favorite horse is Etoile (Etoile).